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About  Rev Leona

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I have always taken pride in knowing that I am a person who is willing to listen and find the positive things in life. Life has taken it’s share of twist and turns with me and from each experience I have gained something. Being adopted as an infant gave me the strength to be rooted in myself and realize I am a product of not only my genes, but my family who raised me and those who surround me. I realized from a young age that rural Alberta held my heart but I loved the adventure of travel and different cultures. This was something I shared with my husband of 35 years and we were fortunate to travel right up until the month before he passed away.

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My children have not only taught me love, but humility and acceptance. Both of them have unique stories and their lives are unfolding in a way that is different than I imagined. It is their destiny and I am proud of them for making choices for themselves. My grandchildren are the light of my life and I can only hope to be part of their life as they grow and change into their destiny. I am spiritual in a way that is uniquely myself. I see value in many different beliefs and am determined to be accepting of each person’s ability to choose the belief system that enhances their own life. Life is filled with many wonders, be it wishing on a star or praying, each has strength. When searching for what would best represent me in this new endeavor, the Firefly symbolism jumped out from seemingly no where.  As a child in rural Alberta I remember watching them with the sense of wonder, imagining all the good things that would happen in life. They have that internal character that gives light to all who wish to see. They give hope and inspiration when the darkness falls and if you let them, they can provide guidance into a new sense of awakening and understanding.

My blessing for you is that you have the chance to enjoy the wonder of the firefly, all the while letting your heart imagine all the things that you hope for in your life.  May they give you the inspiration to be great.  Guide you to the places and people that will bring you joy. Finally may the Firefly Blessings give you the space to hope, dream, love and laugh, remember your passions and cherish those that surround you. 

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