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Why Firefly Blessings celebrant

Each of us has something in their life that triggers a moment of wonder, introspection, spirituality or

even just a simple “Aha” moment; whether that be a dragonfly, firefly, spiritual connection, a found symbol like a dime or something more traditional like a cross. For me the key is to respect the significance those symbols have for you and to be able to help you verbalize the feelings that surround it. This will help to tell your unique story as we plan the celebration that you desire.

I knew that I wanted to be able to help families celebrate life and death, with the focus being on the

individuals. I knew from my husband’s death and his celebration there was something more that existed

rather than the traditional service. Without knowing it, we created a celebration of life that embodied

his philosophy of life, captured his essence and allowed all who attended to remember the stories and

their relationship with him. This drove me into this new career path as I knew there had to be a way to

help others experience what we as a family did.

Hence the firefly. If you google firefly, many different results come up:

“In addition to reminding us of the importance of our internal character, the light from fireflies

appropriately represent hope, guidance, inspiration and awakening. They implore us to listen to our

hearts and let them lead the way to truth and light.”

“The firefly spiritual animal in your life stands for creativity, illumination, and self-discovery. When you

follow its guidance, the spirit totem will give you the stability and strength you need to achieve your


“Dreaming of fireflies means you will have an unexpected blessing….”

“We’ve got to let our light shine to be seen and attract the good stuff we desire in our lives.”

Though the scientific explanation is not so flattering, it is the above findings that struck a chord with me.

My whole life has stood for hope, guidance, inspiration. Looking for the “good stuff”, especially in

people is how I look at those that surround me. Shining a quiet flickering light for others to discover

their own path has been the moments in my life with the greatest reward in my heart. So when I

stumbled on this symbol, I knew it was the one. The magic of childhood fantasies growing up on the

farm watching these little creatures light the sky has unconsciously lead me to this point where I would

love to help others families enjoy the celebrations in their lives.

Let me tell your story….


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